roast chicken bento

I’m a shameless recycler of dinners for bento.  This bento is not very exciting in flavours, but at least it’s colourful!  It’s our leftover roast chicken with potatoes and pumpkin. I did re-fry the potatoes to make them crunchy and golden.
Non-Australians may be shocked to hear of pumpkin being served as a vegetable?  I assure you it’s delicious!  Especially the hard-skinned ones we have, like ironbark, or jarrahdale.  We also have a softer-skinned striped pumpkin which some might call a squash.  Here it’s called kent, or “Jap pumpkin”!  I guess it is somewhat like the Japanese squashes.  I picked some parsley and fennel leaves for garnish, hardy survivors of last year’s garden.  Did you know that fennel enhances fruit flavours?  Like licorice, it is a powerful enhancer for sweet/sour flavours.  It makes the orange and kiwi fruit *explode* in taste!  
Have a happy day everyone!

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3 Responses to roast chicken bento

  1. Kelyrin says:

    Hello ! Your article has taught me two words today : fennel (fenouil) and licorice (réglisse) ! I absolutely love fennel but I have never liked licorice… Even though I like to try again sometimes, to see if my taste changes ! I love colours so I really liked this bento :). May I ask how you cook the pumpkin ? It looks very yummy ! Why do you say that Australian people don’t eat pumpkin as a veggie ?? See you 🙂 !

  2. Burinsmith says:

    I’m not a fan of licorice either, but have tried it occasionally for its psychedelic flavour effects! I love colour too…pink and orange seem like a mad combo, but I love it! I roasted the pumpkin with the chicken and potatoes in the same earthenware dish. In Australia people do eat pumpkin as a vegetable (roasted usually, but also in bread or rolls, soup, etc), but when I lived in America folks there thought that was insane! In the US pumpkins are for pies and hallowe’en! So I’m not so sure about the rest of the world…?

  3. Kelyrin says:

    Ohhh ok, i see !! In France we love pumpkin soup, my parents tought me how to make pumpkin gratin which is very good ! We also stirfry it with butter or cook it as a “purée”… Thank you for your answer, I learned alot 🙂 !

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