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can you tell i like vegetables?

Well, at last I made a fishy bento in my fish bento box. I had some leftover salmon, which was nice mixed through some warm rice, with finely shredded spring onion on top.  With it a selection of the veg … Continue reading

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a mixed-up bento

This seems like a strange combination, doesn’t it? Somehow, with bento it doesn’t seem to matter, any combination seems to work as long as there is a variety of flavours, textures and colours. At least, that’s how it is for … Continue reading

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nanban chicken bento

I love this new Hakoya bento set, one of my recent purchases from earlier in the year. I think this is my first post using it, but I may be wrong…when I’m writing a lot I find it hard to … Continue reading

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chubby onigiri bento

This bento is one I made ages ago. I haven’t been posting on either of my blogs for about a month, so now there is a bit of a backlog! I really like onigiri, the clean plain taste of rice, … Continue reading

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it’s only leftovers

Apparently that’s what the Japanese script on this new bento box of mine says…”It’s only leftovers.” I love that. And that’s mostly what this was, leftover teriyaki chicken, leftover brown rice with some corn, umeboshi and nori, and some vegetables … Continue reading

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