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what we did in the holidays and a new bento box

We just finished our Term Three holidays, so this week we are back at (home)education again.  I made a post about our holidays earlier but didn’t get a chance to finish it, so here it is… On the first week … Continue reading

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honour roll, part one

Rolls and sandwiches sometimes seem like the dull cousins of Japanese-style bentos.  Of course, in the West they are the most usual packed lunch.  Here a lot of people avoid bringing cooked food to work because 1. they don’t like … Continue reading

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hello kitty garden bento

Have you ever done a cooking course and put off trying out your new recipes, to find later you just never get round to it?  That has happened to me before… but this time I wanted to learn from my … Continue reading

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sunny rice bento

Hurrah!  I finally managed to make a bento, eat it and blog it all in the same day!  Today was: sausages, greens, carrots, crabstick omelette, brown rice with fresh corn and umeboshi. It was a very simple lunch (except for … Continue reading

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vegetable yaki udon bento

Well, winter is really here.  Last week I had a horrible chesty thing, and it is basically going through the population like wildfire.  But this week I’m on the mend and wanted to make another bento. Despite illness, I had … Continue reading

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little bears bento

I rarely attempt anything remotely charaben.  Bentoists who are adept at the art of cute bento can probably understand why!  My attempts are amateurish for sure.  However, yesterday I couldn’t resist making one to present at a talk I was … Continue reading

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lucky kitty bento

In Australia it seems all outlets that sell lottery tickets have a little motorised cat on the counter by the cash register, its paw constantly bobbing forward to confer luck.  In Japan they’re called maneki-neko.  I’ve always thought them charming, … Continue reading

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