what we did in the holidays and a new bento box

We just finished our Term Three holidays, so this week we are back at (home)education again.  I made a post about our holidays earlier but didn’t get a chance to finish it, so here it is…


On the first week of spring school holidays the Perth Royal Show is on, and most of Perth seems to turn up for it each year.  Every thing from french bulldog breed showing to miniature ponies displays to sheep dog trials.  Counted-cross stitch and roller coasters presided over by dentally-challenged carnies…you get the idea.  A lot of places have a county fair or something of the like; it’s daggy as all get out, but that’s part of its charm.  This year I took some time to browse the winning entries in the jams, jellies and preserves.  Frenchies on show was a must, as was the display of a Border Collie doing its best to not get trampled by some recalcitrant sheep.  I even had the opportunity to get an elderly gentleman to send a morse code message to my younger son, telling him, from me, to get a hair cut.  All up, a fun morning.

IMGP7352After all that excitement I was inspired to go home and break out the old jam kettle, and turn out a dozen jars of strawberry jam.  Yes, the holidays were quite busy!  I even made cinnamon buns one Sunday.  Mmmm!  I should make these more…!

IMGP7367I tried to have a good break these holidays, but it didn’t totally work out… life (and lunch) goes on.  I took advantage of my freer schedule to make two batches of rolls and two batches of muffins for the freezer, for husbands lunches. One day I dug out a nice deep Tupperware container I haven’t used for a long time; it turned out to be a nice shape to hold a roll, a muffin and some grapes.  I was so pleased with myself!  And then my husband told me he had a laptop and other gear to take to work that day, his backpack was too full.  So it all had to be bagged up and tucked into gaps here and there.  So you see my cleverness went to waste!

Also on the holidays, I trialled a new bento box I got on my trip to Singapore.  I found this UGM box at Takashimaya (Casabento department!)  I really like the design; the lid is rather tall, so it works well if you’re making something you don’t want to squash down, like hand rolls.  And it has a pair of chopsticks that fit inside the inner lid.  Very handy.

IMGP7379In this bento, avocado sushi, honey soy barbecued chicken wings, cucumbers with umeboshi, and a saute of carrot, onion, tofu and nori.  I just had a sudden craving for the carrot, onion and tofu dish, it’s an old macrobiotic recipe I remembered with simple clean flavours.  I haven’t made it for years.  So anyway, after all that excitement, now I need another holiday.  Oh well, only about seven and a half weeks until the summer holidays!

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