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On Thursday nights I go to a writing group at Tom Collins House, a writing centre of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.  There I facilitate a writing group formed by a group of enthusiastic students after a course I ran on creative writing.  Tom Collins House has become a fixture in my life after the many years of attending groups and occasionally teaching there.  It’s a highlight of my week to walk in the door and see the arts and crafts movement features of the house, and the thoughtful faces of the “fellows,” the many writers who have participated in the FAW over the years, staring down from their positions on the picture rails.
An old oak table in the centre of the room has been the scene of many lively discussions.  I’ve attended courses and meetings, and made many friends here.  Quite a few short stories and bigger projects have originated from sessions conducted at this table.  The house is imbued with the energy and life of the many people who have passed through it, beginning with John Furphy, (alias Tom Collins), Australia’s first vernacular writer.  I’ve even heard it said the ghost of Mattie Furphy still inhabits the house…though I’ve never met her myself.

I arrived at TCH for Thursday group one hour early this week, in time to enjoy a relaxing bento dinner in the quiet of a winter’s evening.  It was an opportunity to test-drive my new furoshiki.  I love the autumn colours, and the thick cotton fabric.  Usually I just use a piece of cloth but this is a real furoshiki, picked up on ebay.  It’s a perfect match for my new magewappa.

 I love not having to cook dinner for everyone this one night of the week.  I made potato cakes with peas and corn, homemade cucumber pickles, prawns with mayonnaise, brown rice and broccoli.

And finally for dessert, some cut fruit.  After dinner I waited and read.  After a while I looked at my watch…it was getting late.  Where was everyone?  After a while I went home and once there found my mobile had several messages on it…no one would be able to make it to group that night!  But I have to say I had no regrets.  I enjoyed just being there, enjoying dinner and soaking up the atmosphere.

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9 Responses to historic house bento

  1. bentolily says:

    It’s so fascinating to read your’s – writing about winter in the middle of summer … or what they tell summer here (but we really had 2 two hot days here, yes – _two_ _hot_ days). It’s quite colder again (max. 20 °C) and the next of a lot of thunder storms is directly above – have to quit very fast. Crazy weather.

    • Burinsmith says:

      ha…yes, we’re opposite seasonally, but we often have days in the twenties during winter. Roses and strawberries grow here in winter. So it’s not what any self-respecting northerner would call winter! I hope you didn’t get zapped by lightning!! :@

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  3. Carolyn says:

    Hey Burinsmith, it’s me, Carolyn… I finally found your blog! I adore your cute little lunches, all so healthy and beautifully presented. Your family is so lucky to have you preparing such wonderful food!
    I’m glad you had a great time in Barcelona and wow, they do indeed taken their jambon seriously, no? Your description reminded me of the French, and how “champagne” is such a severely restricted name now due to regional ownership of the term. Have you been to Pata Negri on Stirling Hwy? I believe they serve different grades of jambon “properly”.

    • Burinsmith says:

      Hi Carolyn, So nice of you to visit! I keep looking at all your lovely new sewing projects with admiration! I see you had plenty of opportunities to wear your creations on your trip…looks like you had a lot of fun!

      • Burinsmith says:

        oops, I hit return! ARGH! In Spain they also have denominations for paprika. Europeans really take their food seriously, don’t they! I haven’t been to Pata Negri, must try it. But found a little shop in Leederville that sells jamon…so of course I have already been and indulged!

  4. The potato cakes look amazingly delicious. It’s supposed to be summer here in Canada, but certainly doesn’t feel like it. Far too much rain!

  5. Burinsmith says:

    Thanks for dropping by veggie! I’m from Canada too, originally. I hope it stops raining before August when I’m visiting!

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