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my unexpected hiatus!

Regular readers might be wondering why I haven’t posted recently.  My laptop has been acting up for a while, then suddenly it went into a coma.  It’s in for a hard drive replacement at the moment, leaving me unable to … Continue reading

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what we did in the holidays and a new bento box

We just finished our Term Three holidays, so this week we are back at (home)education again.  I made a post about our holidays earlier but didn’t get a chance to finish it, so here it is… On the first week … Continue reading

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100 posts bento!

Well, I finally made it!  This is my 100th post, and to mark the occasion I decided to try making a special Rilakkuma celebration bento.  Earlier in the week I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to prepare … Continue reading

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‘simply onigiri’ book review

On my recent trip I visited Kinokuniya, a bookstore that put stars in my eyes.  I don’t know about your town, but in my town bookstores have been disappearing, and the ones that are still surviving are small and poorly … Continue reading

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honour roll, part one

Rolls and sandwiches sometimes seem like the dull cousins of Japanese-style bentos.  Of course, in the West they are the most usual packed lunch.  Here a lot of people avoid bringing cooked food to work because 1. they don’t like … Continue reading

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i love cookpad bento

Have you discovered Cookpad yet?  It’s a huge Japanese recipe site, and a great source for hugely varied homestyle Japanese food.  Part of its charm is that the recipes are added by ordinary people, sharing their experiments or family favourites, and … Continue reading

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i like trains bento

For lunch today I’m using some of the bento goodies I got in Singapore.  While there I stopped into Takashimaya Department Store and met up with Aaron, the representative from Casa Bento.  He showed me their fabulous selection of gear…a … Continue reading

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