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What do you do to prepare your home before you go on holidays?  I used to have the simple task of packing a suitcase, clearing out the fridge and finding somewhere for my pup to stay.  These days I have … Continue reading

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a bento for jenny

There is no way to sugar coat it.  My dear friend is in the hospital, and she is dying.  One month ago she was excited and exhausted following the launch of her highly successful book, Secret Squirrel Business.  I thought … Continue reading

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bacon macaroni and cheese bento

Have you heard of spelt before?  It’s an older form of wheat that is much easier for some people (like me) to digest.  We are having organic spelt pasta a lot lately, because one of the markets near me was … Continue reading

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simply better muffins

Do you like blueberry muffins?  I do, but my ten-year old doesn’t.  He has a thing about “foods mixed together”.  He’s a fruit bat who hates fruit combined with other things!  This means when I want to make a batch … Continue reading

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hens and chicks bento

When I was a teenager my sister and I used to love looking at the seed catalogue to see what kind of plants we could grow.  During our earlier childhood we’d lived in seaside fishing villages in Newfoundland where not … Continue reading

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homemade lemon barley bubble tea!

Do you love bubble tea as much as I do?  The sweet and refreshing combination of fruity tea and sago pearls is perfect on a warm day, and on a cold day there’s always warm milky bubble tea!  There’s something … Continue reading

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historic house bento

On Thursday nights I go to a writing group at Tom Collins House, a writing centre of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.  There I facilitate a writing group formed by a group of enthusiastic students after a course I ran … Continue reading

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