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i love cookpad bento

Have you discovered Cookpad yet?  It’s a huge Japanese recipe site, and a great source for hugely varied homestyle Japanese food.  Part of its charm is that the recipes are added by ordinary people, sharing their experiments or family favourites, and … Continue reading

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somen salad bento

It has been nearly two years since I started bento wa.  So I guess it’s a good time for a little reflection.  It seems like my bento style has changed a bit…maybe I’m creating more new recipes than I used … Continue reading

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lucky kitty bento

In Australia it seems all outlets that sell lottery tickets have a little motorised cat on the counter by the cash register, its paw constantly bobbing forward to confer luck.  In Japan they’re called maneki-neko.  I’ve always thought them charming, … Continue reading

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matryoshka pasta salad bento

I have been meaning to feature one of m favourite bento boxes for ages…at last, here it is!  Pink matryoshka, from Hakoya.  And I’m coming clean here and now, ready to admit publicly to a mild “matryoshka addiction”!  I have … Continue reading

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a non-capricorn bento

One of the things I find a little unusual about traditional bentos is the combination/quantity of protein.  It’s not unusual to see two or more mixed proteins in the same bento.  Eggs could be combined with chicken and or prawns … Continue reading

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spaghetti plus soup bento

Sometimes I don’t feel like leftovers…it seems boring to have exactly the same thing all over again.  This time I decided to jazz the leftover vegetarian pasta by frying it in a little olive oil and adding some mini sausage … Continue reading

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pork rice lettuce bites bento

Wow, look at the bright colours!  I didn’t even photoshop it.  Must be my lucky day.  This is today’s lunch…I sauted some free range minced pork with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, mirin and pepper, and turned it through warm leftover … Continue reading

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