i like trains bento

For lunch today I’m using some of the bento goodies I got in Singapore.  While there I stopped into Takashimaya Department Store and met up with Aaron, the representative from Casa Bento.  He showed me their fabulous selection of gear…a really nice range of bento boxes, bags, accessories, and preparation tools.  I came away with several things to try out…and display on bento wa.  One of my faves was a little set to make “bullet train sushi.”  It’s basically a little train shape mould, and some cutters to make nori details.

I like the idea of a bullet train rushing through the countryside, it reminds me of the Studio Ghibli movie, Only Yesterday, which, coincidentally, I watched only yesterday.

bullet train sushi bentoThe sushi is a simple cucumber one (I was told I should have made it avocado by my son…!)  The “fields” are honey soy chicken wings with some deco picks, there was also peas and corn and broccoli “lemon trees” in there.  And a little rice mixed with soy to make the ground, with nori train tracks.  I think a lot of kawaii lunches are quite girly, so it was fun making something boyish.  This lunch is packed in the Lego lunchbox we picked up at Legoland Malaysia on our trip.

The train press was easy to use, and it was simple to just poke a piece of cucumber in before filling it all the way.  A little tab at the top pops the rice out after.  I was skeptical about the cutters at first, but they did a great job of cutting on the mat provided.  For the train carriage I made a second engine, and cut the end off with a sharp knife.  I would say it’s a helpful little tool, especially for someone who wants to make boy bentos.  I checked the Casa Bento website, and didn’t see it on there, so maybe it’s not in stock for online purchase right now? But was available in Singapore at Takashimaya.

That wasn’t the only bento I did today…I asparagus hand rolls bentoalso made lunch for myself, keeping it simple and using my favourite box of the moment.  I don’t know why I love it so much, maybe it’s the warm look of the wood.  It seems homey and charming at the same time.   Did you notice the chopsticks?  They’re from Takashimaya as well.  The dishes were the same chicken wings, asparagus and umeboshi paste hand rolls, and a mixed vegetable and mayonnaise salad.

Thank you to Aaron at Casa Bento for the new bento gear.  I  have a few more things to try out, so I’m looking forward to new bento adventures in the weeks ahead.

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5 Responses to i like trains bento

  1. Hillary Sullivan says:

    That is by far my favourite Bento box too! Although I am waivering now I’ve seen the Lego lunchbox 🙂

  2. shirleyhkapa says:

    The train looks cute! I have the same mold but have not even got around to use it! Nice cucumber idea and the sides look yummy!!

  3. Burinsmith says:

    thanks Shirley! I will watch your blog, I will love to see what you do with it! Your bentos are always full of fun ideas :)~!

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