hello kitty garden bento

Have you ever done a cooking course and put off trying out your new recipes, to find later you just never get round to it?  That has happened to me before… but this time I wanted to learn from my mistake.  I was determined to put the Hello Kitty class I did while in Singapore to good practice!   Problem: too many catch up jobs to do after our holiday.  One of the looming jobs was garden work… weeds, weeds, everywhere!  It’s spring time now, and everything is growing quickly, especially the weeds.

hello kitty in the gardenHowever, after a morning of intensive weeding, I still had some energy left, so decided to make a practice Kitty bento for lunch.

The onigiri part was okay…I managed to get the shape worked out…although as you can see Kitty’s ear got a bit mashed at some stage.  And the other problem was Kitty was way too big!  She’s more like one of those giant feral cats we get in the desert here!  Funny, when you’re portioning the rice it doesn’t look like much.  Let me tell you, this cat was a serious mouthful.  And because the onigiri was so massive, there was no room to show the colourful and tasty side dishes!  So they’ve had to be hidden underneath the kitty and katsu chicken.  You’ll have to take my word for it, the sides were steamed baby spinach, and a salad of corn, peppers, and tomatoes in sesame miso dressing.

The other thing I would have done differently was, to add some food picks.  I even had the perfect ones, lady bugs and bees would have been just right!  So anyway, I guess there’s always room for improvement…next time :).

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5 Responses to hello kitty garden bento

  1. Hillary says:

    Love it!

  2. bentolily says:

    Just a question — nearly off-topic (not about the kitty) — could you give me more details of the sesame miso dressing? Don’t need a recipe but some hints.

    • Burinsmith says:

      Hi bentolily, I do a very easy cheats dressing, which you can do too if you keep a bottle of sushi vinegar on hand (here it’s called sushi seasoning, it’s basically vinegar, salt and sugar). I just use a spoonful of tahini, a tiny bit of light miso, and a spoonful or two of sushi vinegar. If it’s too thick you can thin it with water. Sometimes I leave out the sushi vinegar and put mirin in instead, or mirin and vinegar. I hope that was helpful…I don’t use recipes very often so I don’t have precise measurements!

      • bentolily says:

        Thx – exactly the info I need. I don’t like cooking with long ingredients lists – just give me a short instruction and I’m happy with that. That’s way more practicabel.

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