hello kitty made easy

I have been trying to post each week at the start of the week, but earlier this week I didn’t manage it…I was on holidays, in Singapore.  I’m back home now… and looking at a big bag of yet-to-be-unpacked bento goodies I managed to collect on my shopping explorations.  I splurged badly, but what can I say… I live in bento-starved Perth and I had to take advantage of the opportunity!


I’m really missing the bustle and excitement of Singapore… so much life, so much to do!  It makes Perth seem like a sleepy country town.  Not that that’s bad.  But sometimes I feel like I want to be in the flow of life, and that is what Singapore is like.  It’s always busy!  And there are so many intriguing sights and tastes to experience.  Not to mention shopping experiences that will make your credit card go into meltdown!  We stayed near Orchard Road, a perfect location for retail therapy.

hello kitty onigiriAnother fabulous thing I did while on holiday was a bento course with Shirley, a very talented and experienced bentoist (you can see her bentos here!)  She offers a variety of different classes.  The one I did was a Hello Kitty one.  I wanted, no NEEDED, to do it because I love charaben, but frankly, am not good at it!  The course was a highlight of my holiday…not just because I learned so much but because it was delightful to catch up with Shirley, and also to talk to her about blogging.  Down here in Perth I don’t get a lot of chances to meet other bento bloggers!

little miss onigiriOne of the things I love about Shirley’s bentos is that they are not just skilled and extremely cute, but she’s a great cook!  She always features tasty looking side dishes…and now that I’ve tasted her recipes for myself, I can verify for you that they are delicious!  🙂  In this bento we had green beans with sesame dressing (yes, we did grind the sesame seeds, and no it didn’t take very long!!), teriyaki chicken, and steamed prawns.  The kitty onigiri was stuffed with salted salmon.  The taste was simple, natural and homey…exactly my kind of food.  We had a combination of hands-on and pre-prepared ingredients…and were able to form (under expert instruction!) the kitty onigiri, and to make all the decorative touches.  One major thing I learned from it was, not to make the onigiri too tightly packed!  I realised I had been making mine too hard.  And a pair of offset tweezers is very handy for positioning the details.   I picked up a couple of pairs at Daiso to bring home, but forgot they were in my purse…unfortunately they were confiscated at the airport!!! 😦 WAH!

So, if you are ever in Singapore, (or maybe you live there already?), I highly recommend doing one of Shirley’s bento classes.  She gives a lot of tips, and you will get to take home a tasty bento to eat!  Here is mine:

hello kitty bentoI tucked the bento into my bag and headed back to our apartment on the train, looking forward to eating something scrumptious and homemade.  And, I assure you, it was yum!

In the next little while I’ll be blogging about some of my Singapore finds.  Also, coming up I’m having my 100th post.  Wow, where did the time go?!  To celebrate the big event I will be having a giveaway to thank you for your support, so make sure you subscribe in the sidebar, you don’t want to miss hearing about it!  🙂

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8 Responses to hello kitty made easy

  1. Hillary Sullivan says:

    Wow! Your bento looks sensational, wish I could have been there with you (to help eat it 🙂
    Aaaah shopping Orchard Road, very nice. I can’t wait to read your next blogs all about Singapore, keep up the blogging xxx

  2. Burinsmith says:

    You would have loved it Hillary! Thanks for your kind words :)!

  3. shirley says:

    Awww thank you so so much for this wonderful post! 🙂 I am so glad you had a good time hear and enjoyed the bento making class. Look forward to meeting you again. Who knows, maybe our next meet up could be in Perth 😛

  4. erin says:

    My goodness, I live in Singapore and I didn’t know about Shirley’s bento classes. I’m going to check them out and hopefully sign up together with my daughter when she comes back home from uni for the hoilidays. I’m so looking forward to your next post on bento finds because I can’t seem to find bento goodies here. By the way, we Iike Perth a lot and my daughter’s currently studying in Adelaide and we love Adelaide too!

    • Burinsmith says:

      Oh, how lovely to hear from you! I’m sure you will enjoy her classes, she does different types, though I only had a chance to try the one. If you’re looking for bento goodies, Casa Bento has a mini section in Takashimaya (Ngee An City…not sure if there is more than one of them?) with bento boxes and cutters etc., and I also saw a little section also at Takashimaya with several beautiful Hakoya bento boxes, in the Japanese dishes section. I hope you can find something you like :). So your daughter is studying in Adelaide? We get a lot of Singapore students here in Perth, it’s great to see so many in my local area near curtin uni…I think it’s the reason we have good asian stores and bubble tea places nearby; a big yay for me :)!

  5. Ariani says:

    Hi…so happy to find a bento fan here in Perth 🙂 I live in Perth too…nice to meet u – Ariani (www.bebento-kids.blogspot.com.au)

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