a writerly bento

tom collins house bentoOnce a week I facilitate a creative writing group at a writing centre in Perth.  So between dropping my son off at taekwondo and cooking the family dinner, Thursday evenings are usually a rush for me.   It’s one of the occasions when I really need a bento for dinner.

I love to arrive at Tom Collins House early and enjoy a quiet dinner.  That’s my bento there, wrapped in a furoshiki, and sitting on the sideboard waiting to be eaten :).

Among the antique furniture and black and white photographs of noteworthy writers of Western Australia’s past I find myself relaxing and switching gears…and usually have a think about the writing exercises I have prepared.  I love the meditative atmosphere.  I posted about dinner at Tom Collins House before, here.   Here is one recent bento I made for a Thursday night, it was a version of what my family was having for dinner that night: nimono vegetables, rice and teriyaki chicken.

nimono bento

Just a simple meal, like most of my bentos…but delicious all the same.   I was thinking maybe I’d do a feature once in a while about dinner at Tom Collins House.  Historic house bento…hmmmm….?

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6 Responses to a writerly bento

  1. Trisha says:

    Please do — write more about dinner at TCH. Would you like to put it on the FAWWA blog? Just send it to our admin address.


  2. Burinsmith says:

    Thank you, Trisha, I will send the link through! I hope it will tempt people to come and check out FAWWA for themselves 🙂

  3. rosannedingli says:

    One day I’ll surprise you all and turn up.

  4. babykins says:

    That cloth!! You’re sooo nice! ^^
    That box, the one you talked about to me.. Is the smell ok? Beautiful bento, I’m impressed that your family eat nimono. I didn’t really like it as a kid. Love it now though.

    You’ve done lots of post. I’m going to check them out carefully in order ^o^

    • Burinsmith says:

      ha ha… you recognised the cloth, it’s my favourite one and I feature it a lot! See how much I appreciate you? 🙂 Yes, the box is great now…when I ordered it the maker warned that it had just been made, so I guess that was why it had a strong smell. After just one wash it was perfect! And my kid’s don’t love nimono as much as I do…maybe it’s a kid thing!! The youngest one just eats the meat and potatoes :P. I hope you like my bentos, I’m still learning a lot. I still feel like a beginner… ^_^!

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