toasty onigiri bento

Just recently I ordered a bag of biodynamic brown rice from Queensland.  The rice is called rain-fed, meaning cultivated in a way that uses rainfall rather than irrigation to grow.  It is the best brown rice I have ever tasted!  After years of not enjoying brown rice, now I love it again.  And because it’s short grain rice, it makes perfect onigiri!  
toasty onigiri bento

My favourite onigiri of the moment is a simple one, pan grilled brown rice ball with some soy sauce to give it a toasty glaze.  This is a dinner bento I made for the night of my weekly writing group; a simple bento with chicken cutlet with barbecue sauce, chopped salad (you can’t see it underneath the garnish!), Japanese mayonnaise.  I uploaded my Japanese mayonnaise method for Thermomix here.  Japanese mayonnaise is the best, I crave it sometimes.  Funny because I’m not a fan of mayonnaise normally.  I guess I find it kind of bland, but Japanese mayo is full of flavour.  Especially homemade!  However, if you don’t have a Thermomix that recipe would also work with a stick blender or food processor.  Did you notice the mizuna garnish?  It’s from my garden…so nice to step outside the into the rain drenched garden and pick a fresh baran to go in my bento!

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7 Responses to toasty onigiri bento

  1. The brown rice you’re using excites me. I didn’t really love it until I tried a sprouted grain brown rice (in a big bag from Costco, which just adds to the excitement), and now I’m hooked! Your rice sounds even more fun than mine.

  2. Burinsmith says:

    ooh, sprouted rice! yum…I bet it’s sweetly delicious! Plus, lucky you having a costco handy ;)!

  3. shirley says:

    I love pan grilled onigiri rice balls.yummy bento

    For me, I usually add miso sauce to the riceball before pan grilling them 🙂 u can try it too!

  4. Burinsmith says:

    Ah, yes, I will try it! I saw that on a youtube clip yesterday… I love miso 🙂

  5. babykins says:

    I’m so curious about your Japanese mayo. It’s interesting! I’ve actually been on a mayo-making kick lately. Mine is simple and standard though.

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