my-desk-is-really-piled-up-right-now bento

I have such good intentions for blogging.  Lots of ideas of things I want to make, projects I want to develop.  But as usual I’m snowed under in an illusion of busyness.  In fact, so overwhelmed that this post I was going to do about being snowed under, got snowed under!  So this bento is actually a couple of weeks out of date.  ARGH!


What to do?  Just perch your lunch on top of the pile and don’t let it get you down?  I guess….but seriously though, this clutter and bother is really getting me down!!


And to top it off I’ve been sick a lot lately, which to me is a sure sign I’m not handling the load so well.  I’ve had to chop a few things from my schedule, and I’m still thinking about dropping more.  I thought maybe I’d even quit blogging!  Terrible thought, go away right this minute!!

So anyway, here is this poor bento I made, but nearly forgot to post, because it was so lost under books and papers and thoughts.  Somen noodles with spicy minced chicken, thai basil and chillies, and a dollop of homemade sweet chilli sauce (recipe here).  Steamed and fresh veggies with homemade bento-takeaway-style miso salad dressing.  Delicious! (Japanese dressing non-recipe = mashed up spoon of miso, splash of mirin, splash of rice vinegar, optional splash of oil.  Shake-shake.  Done.)

So anyway, long story short, that was weeks ago, and my desk looks pretty much the same.  Only, the lunch is gone.  <sigh>

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6 Responses to my-desk-is-really-piled-up-right-now bento

  1. Meagan says:

    I bet my piles could take on your piles and win Karen! I am tackling my list 15 minutes at a time today. Have a good one and stay well!

    • Burinsmith says:

      Clutter battle?! Who will win?? This could get ugly! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Meagan, and for your well wishes. 15 minutes at a time, a great way to get started. I must get on to that;)

  2. I was going to suggest working on clutter for 20 minutes, then making yourself tea and having a rest. My desks, at home and school, are both cluttered, but I’m chipping away slowly at the one at home, and I’m almost done! Yay!

    • Burinsmith says:

      Hi VBL! Yes, a bit at a time seems the best way…but my problem is when I’m chipping away at one pile another seems to be mounting in another corner of the house!! So I need to make sure everyone in the family puts stuff away too, if possible! I think it will always tend to be a problem until I get rid of more stuff.

  3. shirley says:

    Hang in there! Even though lots of books around, the bento still looks so yummy! i love thai style!

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