a little storage idea

A quick glance will reveal this is not a post about bentos.  So if that is what you were expecting, many apologies.  But there is a connection, however tenuous!  We bentoists, as well as other foodies around the world, have a common problem.  We don’t have enough room for our kitchen gear.  All those unique and not often used items, including bento boxes, are often stuffed into cupboards in ways that make them inaccessible and disorganised.  Meanwhile, useful space is often wasted.
beforeWe moved into our current home two years ago and it is the first new(ish) house we have had.  It has a shiny nice kitchen.  But one thing I have noticed is that storage space is poorly designed.  Notice here how the shelves have open space that can’t be used without stacking things up, and you know what a pain that is!  Also, I wanted some place close to the coffee machine and kettle for tea cups and mugs, sugar and cocoa, so we’re not all crashing into each other as we make food and drinks at mealtimes.  A little measuring, a quick trip to the hardware store, and a few minutes of sawing and drilling and my skillful other half had solved the problem of this pesky cupboard once and for all.
IMGP5764Inside the cupboard he carefully measured and drilled some holes for shelf pins.  The shelves were pieces of laminate from the hardware store, cut to size.  Not at all expensive.  Two extra shelves gave a whole lot of extra room, perfectly spaced for my clay pots, balti pans, romertopf, bamboo steamer and electric frying pan.  He also made a separate shelf outside the cupboard for cups and saucers, mugs, etc. just above the coffee machine…everything needed to get hot drinks right there at the fingertips!  I love open shelving, it’s perfect for those things that are constantly used as it saves all that hunting around and banging of doors.  That little job freed up a lot of space in other cupboards as well, which has been put to good use.  Now all I have to do is convince my skillful other half to do the same thing to a couple of other cupboards I have my eye on.  Oh, it’s so good to have a handy man around.  :).

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