vegetable yaki udon bento

Well, winter is really here.  Last week I had a horrible chesty thing, and it is basically going through the population like wildfire.  But this week I’m on the mend and wanted to make another bento. Despite illness, I had managed to do a lot of cooking and the fridge was full of bento opportunities.
Leftover vegetarian yaki udon (with cabbage onion and broccoli), beef slices with gochujang and spring onions and some ham and cheese rolls. Homemade sweet chilli sauce (not shown) dressed up the noodles. I love spicy sauces, can’t you tell? 😉

My youngest son is learning Japanese language and culture as part of his home education curriculum. Today we watched a documentary of Japanese cosplay. Fascinating idea…would love to try it myself (maybe not, you’re thinking?!!)

Also, I did a demonstration for some customers on Saturday and one of them was showing some quilts she has made, which made me want to start quilting again.  I’m so full of inspiration and excitement to try new things, and then I don’t do much and just make a bento.  Oh well!

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2 Responses to vegetable yaki udon bento

  1. Luana Flacco says:

    Love the title! I also love Japanese food 🙂

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