somen salad bento

It has been nearly two years since I started bento wa.  So I guess it’s a good time for a little reflection.  It seems like my bento style has changed a bit…maybe I’m creating more new recipes than I used to.  However, these days I often feel frustrated by my poor photography skills more than anything else.  I keep thinking I would like a macro lens; I love the hazy background so many bloggers achieve!  I’ve learned a lot from my fellow bloggers so far. 


Simple lunch here, some noodles with leftover stir fried minced ginger chicken, and lightly cooked fresh vegetables.  There was a nice sauce with it, but I forgot to put it in the picture!  Sesame paste and mirin with soy sauce.  This was so easy and light, about the nicest lunch I have made in a long time.  It was nice to mix and toss the ingredients together, and get the contrasting flavours and textures.  How I wish my picture was more special!! It doesn’t represent how happy I felt about this tasty little meal.  Oh well, there’s always more to learn.

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2 Responses to somen salad bento

  1. erin says:

    It looks yummy to me! That’s a nice simple idea for somen, I will show it to my daughter who needs simple recipes as she is going to study in university and will have to cook her own meals.

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