chicken onigiri bento

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted!  I missed a whole season… it’s winter here now!   I’m sitting outside on a sunny day, enjoying the chirp and flit of birds and the cool breeze.  It is often warm enough to eat lunch outside in Western Australia, and today I did:


I have been wanting to test-drive this new bento box of mine for ages!  I love the dark rich lacquer and the cute divider that came with it, not to mention the design of owls painted on top.  Also, I wanted to try out my new rice polisher!  Two scores with one bento!  Freshly polished rice is so much nicer, just as everyone says.  This rice is only minimally polished, so it has most of the nutrition without the coarseness and long cooking time.

I decided to make all the parts for this bento in the Thermomix… challenging myself to adapt and write new recipes.  The chicken and shiitake mushroom filling for the onigiri, rice, steamed(!) omelette, vegetables for the salad and mustard-lemon-shiokoji salad dressing were all made in the TM.  Of course the persimmon needed no cooking :).

Canadians might find the potato salad nostalgic.  I don’t know if that canned potato salad we were forced to eat as children is still available, but on reflection it was a lot like this one!  Funny how the things you hated as a kid become “crave items” later on.

And speaking of persimmons, it’s strange how plentiful and cheap(er) they are this year!  Did lots of farmers plant persimmon trees five years ago or what!?  What a great idea you guys!

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6 Responses to chicken onigiri bento

  1. Hillary Sullivan says:

    I just love that box!!! What’s in it looks very yummy too. We’ve been going made on persimmons at the moment, eating them like apples, do you do anything special with them?

    • Burinsmith says:

      No, I just peel them and slice so I can see the pattern! I know some people don’t peel, but I find this Fuyu type of persimmon a bit too chewy. I think they would be really nice sliced thinly and dried…do you do that?

  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen canned potato salad. That being said, every now and then I crave that premade stuff in the deli cooler, the one where the mayo seems fluffy and there’s more fluff than potato… about once a year!

    • Burinsmith says:

      I think it was Heinz brand, the tin was small and greenish. It had a mustardy taste, a bit tangy, a bit bitter. I abhorred it! Funny how food cravings are so illogical. Speaking of deli coolers, while marooned in a motel during a snowstorm in Fredericton we ventured out and bought some supermarket deli food. After we started to eat it we noticed the tortellini salad had black mould on it. Ghastly! I’ve never been able to eat supermarket deli food again! Speaking of fluffy mayo, tried to make Japanese mayo the other day, talk about good!

      • Food cravings rarely make sense. Except the pregnancy ones – they were almost always a combo of starch and cheese so they were at least predictable: pizza, cheese and pickle sandwiches (try craving Branston pickle when you’re half a world away from it!), grilled cheese sandwiches. No, my son doesn’t like cheese unless it’s on pizza, but he does love bread.

  3. moxiethegal says:

    What a beautiful presentation! Love that bento box. I remember the Heinz canned salad, it was almost horrible, yet almost tasty. A very strange culinary item to say the least. I had forgotten all about it.

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