lamb and couscous salad bento

Can you tell I’m enjoying my new bento bowl?  Bento bowls are not such a common design, but I think they’re very versatile.  For an image of how it looks when assembled, look here.  It’s such a cool design, great for pasta, rice, noodles or salads.  You can leave out the top layer and fill it up to the top.  If you are interested, here are some other tempting bowls on Rakuten.

lamb and couscous salad
For this lunch I was finishing off my bento stash, with leftover grilled lamb and the roasted pumpkin and red onion in a salad with some couscous and mint. In the top layer, tomato-kale-onion stew, with some wild rocket, parmesan shavings and olives to jazz it up.  The drink is a homemade yogurt one, my own yogurt with homemade strawberry conserve shaken in.

This bowl looks so small, but I have to say it’s not!  I find I don’t quite finish everything.  I always think bento boxes look small but then I’m surprised.  Maybe you use one too…what do you put in it?

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2 Responses to lamb and couscous salad bento

  1. Hillary says:

    These are so cute, are they insulated?

  2. Burinsmith says:

    Hi Hillary,
    They are double-walled, but I not insulated as such. I suspect they would keep food cool longer though! Yet another advantage to my favourite bento bowl! 🙂

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