bento with a smile

I just received my first organic vegetable box delivery yesterday.  I’ve had produce delivered at different times and have found it’s a mixed blessing.  Delightfully fresh produce arrives at my door with little effort on my part other than a quick online order process.  But of course the downside is you don’t always know what you will get, and how much of each thing.  I went for the family box.  At $59, it was reasonable priced (for here.)  It had a variety of items that I wouldn’t often buy (eg purple carrots, a zucchini and a giant bunch of kale), these things I personally enjoy but no one else in the family does.  Many things were in pairs: two mini eggplants, two oranges (we’ll have to throw dice for those?!) and two ears of corn.  So I was having some big question marks about the whole thing.  However, one of the unexpected pleasures of having a box delivery is it forces some creative thinking.  I thought a bento stash approach might be in order!bento stash

I love vegetables, and lots of variety, so I’m happy to have a stack of containers in the fridge.  Also in there (I didn’t get a chance to photograph), zucchini and corn with cherry tomatoes, and grilled chicken.  So today, I was inspired to make something for the new bento bowl I picked up on Rakuten.

IMGP6452This was my first order on Rakuten (in my opinion, the best site for all things bento if you can get round the language, procedural and shipping cost barriers.)  I saw different types of these bento bowls with handles on top on there, all in bright colours.  When this one was on sale, my willpower suddenly crumbled.

roast potatoes, grilled chicken and braised kaleSee how cute the way the top layer separates from the bottom.  Great for noodles, rice or whatever, kept separate from the top layer.  With my stash on hand this was a doddle!  Like it says on my new bento bowl…a meal with a smile.
le repas avec le sourire

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