lucky kitty bento

In Australia it seems all outlets that sell lottery tickets have a little motorised cat on the counter by the cash register, its paw constantly bobbing forward to confer luck.  In Japan they’re called maneki-neko.  I’ve always thought them charming, so when I saw this maneki-neko lunch box on ebay I had to buy it…and then quickly found a furoshiki cloth to go with it.  I love it :)!IMGP6407

The meal was simple…beef burgers, sauteed spinach, peppers and carrots, and some purple pickled radishes, carrots and cabbage with ginger.  For dessert I had some homemade yogurt with strawberry sauce.  The yogurt was made in my Thermomix…as was the rice.  I’m trying lots of new things and having fun with it!  I made this lunch last week and haven’t had a chance to do anything specifically seasonal.  So I’ll call it a day and say Happy Easter everyone!

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6 Responses to lucky kitty bento

  1. Love the lunch and the new bento supplies 🙂 So cute!

  2. moxiethegal says:

    I love anything with the calico cat/maneki-neko, so this totally charming! Of course I always think of Xiao Lin when I see anything to do with a calico cat.

  3. Burinsmith says:

    Yes, I think of her too! And this is a chunky calico, like her 🙂

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