matryoshka pasta salad bento

I have been meaning to feature one of m favourite bento boxes for ages…at last, here it is!  Pink matryoshka, from Hakoya.  And I’m coming clean here and now, ready to admit publicly to a mild “matryoshka addiction”!  I have to avoid going on ebay…otherwise I’ll end up with a house full of knick-knacks.
matryoshka bento boxHakoya is a Japanese company that has been making plastic bento boxes since the middle of last century.  The designs on their boxes are still silk-screened by hand in a small workshop.  This is a medium box,  just the right size for a “girl lunch”…I guess the colour scheme is a give-away as well?!  If you have a big appetite you might like to bring a small container of fruit to fill you up.
For this lunch I had leftover chicken and vegetables from the new Thermomix Velouté menu.  I had to practise the recipe because I will be demonstrating my first velouté this week, and I wanted to make sure I had it down pat.  It’s basically a steamed dish; in the TM bowl is stock and vegetables for soup, in the top layers, ribbons of zucchini and carrots, and chicken tenderloins with herbs.  After pureeing the soup, a little of the soup base is blended with a spoon of crème fraîche and mustard to make a creamy sauce.  There was plenty leftover, so for lunch I stirred the vegetables sauce and chicken through some wholemeal pasta.  It’s not heavy at all, a perfect cold chicken pasta salad for summer.
matryoshka pasta bentoI felt like having some pickles with it for contrasting flavour, and made a small fruit salad with grapes, apples and plump juicy raisins. It’s the hottest part of summer again, the season of low appetite.  Sometimes it’s hard to think what you’d like.  What do you like to eat for lunch when it’s hot?

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2 Responses to matryoshka pasta salad bento

  1. babykins says:

    Hello! ^0^ I like to have cold noodles in a hot day, or simple sandwiches… Pickles are perfect to add an accent to them. That box is cute! The bento is so well-balanced in color and taste, and even nourishment. Very comforting!

  2. Burinsmith says:

    Thank you babykins! Praise from you is praise indeed! Did you recognise the dear little wooden spoon? 🙂 I love it.

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