figs in palm sugar syrup



It’s way too hot to be in the kitchen, but I seem to be still spending plenty of time in there-!  This weekend I have been working on my Thermomix customer newsletter, featuring desserts this month, so I have been baking up a heatwave.  Then a friend dropped by with a huge bag of figs for me to make some promised jam.  Given the temperatures I thought I’d eat them fresh instead!  It’s easy to turn something as luxurious as a perfectly ripe fig into a dessert.  
figs in palm sugar syrup


Add 60g palm sugar chunks to the TM bowl and grind at speed 7 for 10 seconds.  Add 80g water and cook at Varoma temperature for 7 minutes, speed 1.  The thick and sticky syrup is smokey and rich, the perfect foil for juicy summer figs.  Serve with vanilla ice cream, or better yet, greek yoghurt, or creme fraiche.

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2 Responses to figs in palm sugar syrup

  1. Hillary says:

    Yum my two favourite things in the world figs and palm sugar. I seriously miss my 3 fig trees I went to buy some today and they were 80 cents EACH!!!!

  2. Burinsmith says:

    Yowch! I hardly ever buy them for that reason. You need to find a neighbour in your new area who has a tree :)!

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