thermomix bento

It feels good to be bentoing again.  I’ve been so busy lately, the usual end of year events plus a few extra things.  I recently bought a Thermomix and such was my enthusiasm for it, I decided to become a consultant.  It has changed my cooking routines quite a bit, and made it much easier for me to cook a greater variety of healthy foods.

This bento was made with leftovers, and it’s an inadvertent showcase of some of the things I’m doing with the Thermomix.  Pumpkin and sweet potato soup.  Avocado dip (I’ve never been into dips before now, but I’m loving it!).  Potato and asparagus salad (steamed in the Thermomix Varoma), dressed with caesar dressing (you guessed it, made in the Thermomix.)  I didn’t realise until I made this bento just how much having a TM has changed my cooking!  Have you heard of Thermomix yet?  If not, I think you will soon.  It’s simply amazing.

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4 Responses to thermomix bento

  1. Kidd says:

    Oh, wow! I just watched the demon video of the Thermomix and that is pretty cool. It makes life so much easier.

  2. Great photo! This is a real showcase of how foods prepared in Thermomix do NOT all come out looking the same. Nice healthy colours, bravo!

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