pork yaki udon bento

A special parcel arrived at my place this week.  It was the long awaited prize in the giveaway  hosted by Babykins at the home of tasty bento cosiness, Soul Soup Soap.  It was so exciting to open the package and find what treasures had been tucked inside!

Babykins was so kind to add many beautiful bento items, like wooden spoons, chopsticks, this lovely cloth she made herself, and even a box of cookies made with local ingredients (you know I’m a big advocate of local produce too!).

Somehow it’s all the more special to get new bento gear that someone else has chosen.  It’s like a link between people who share a  love of bento!  The first time using these beautiful little polka dot enamel boxes I wanted to make something that showed my appreciation for Babykins’ own bentos.  There is one dish she has made before that I really love the look of, fried udon noodles.

To me, it represents her style… her bentos are the essence of unpretentious and delicious home cooking made portable.  So here is my homage bento, pork yaki udon, tofu with peanut-miso sauce, asparagus, golden kiwi and strawberry hearts.  Thank you Babykins, from my heart!  And dear readers, I promise, next time I will share a recipe…!

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2 Responses to pork yaki udon bento

  1. babykins says:

    Oh very thoughtful of you! I’m honored you recreated my bento by your own way. It’s exaggerated but, I feel like we are all united under the bento love.
    It was so nice to prepare the prize thinking of you. Enjoy those items!

  2. Burinsmith says:

    Babykins, your bentos are full of homey inspiration for me. I never miss one of your posts :)! Thanks again…I’m enjoying all the things. I already ate all the cookies…yum! Have a happy day :)!

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