seafood and scramble bento

Do you like mushrooms?  I do, in fact I like them so much I decided to grow some.  I found a kit for growing french horn mushrooms at the market.  They are richly mushroomy in flavour, especially when sauteed with a little butter and garlic and spliced with creamy scrambled eggs.  Like here.  Mmmm.  They have to be tasted to be believed!  And the whole thing is great, even the stem!!  Also on the menu, a simple seafood salad, leftover cucumber and wombok pickles, rice, and a pale liquid that may well have been tea.  One thing I think is wonderful in a bento is a good contrast in textures and flavours.  This one was flavoursome, but may have benefited from something contrastingly crunchy in it.  But those mushrooms…ooh!  No regrets!

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