a non-capricorn bento

One of the things I find a little unusual about traditional bentos is the combination/quantity of protein.  It’s not unusual to see two or more mixed proteins in the same bento.  Eggs could be combined with chicken and or prawns or other fish, beef, pork, sausages, etc.  I normally just do one protein, or at most, eggs with one other thing.  Call me a capricorn, but I’m not usually drawn to mixed-up proteins.  I like to keep my fur and feathers separate.  But today I had leftover curry beef and potato, and chicken schnitzel, and they looked so tasty I thought I’d include both in my “It’s Only Leftovers” bento.
With it, furikake rice, steamed veggies, quick cucumber and cabbage pickles, and a little chutney and mayonnaise on the side.  Truly, it didn’t seem a strange combination at all.

Do you like the cute fork and knife?  I picked them up in Canada on my recent trip, at one of my favourite stores: Canadian Tire.  That’s right, a store with a name like that can sell cool kitchen things.  Though they seriously let me down this time, not a cast iron frying pan in sight.  Non-stick as far as the eye could see.  I had to go elsewhere for my “way too heavy to go in my suitcase but too bad I’m buying it anyway” frying pan.

Anyway, I digress, the fork and knife…I think it’s actually a pickle fork and a pate knife, but perfect for eating out of a small bento box.  I so prefer sturdy stainless steel cutlery to plastic.  Maybe that’s a capricorn thing too.

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2 Responses to a non-capricorn bento

  1. I will have to look in Canadian Tire for the tiny knife and fork 🙂 The bento looks wonderful, too – very tasty-looking!

  2. Burinsmith says:

    Oh, lucky you! They were in little packs of four. I also bought several packs of “teaspoons”…Australians don’t do PROPER teaspoons…here they’re much too small! So in Canada I always have to stock up on teaspoons to replace the ones that go awol. If you need a cast iron frying pan they have them in Home Hardware!

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