summer memories…

Well, I’m back from my super-long, extremely fantastic trip to Canada.  It was grand to spend time with family and friends in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and enjoy the many wonderful experiences of summer in Atlantic Canada.  Our trip started on the South Shore in Nova Scotia, where we stayed with my sister at her place, Turtle Hill Farm.  We strolled beaches, swam in the river, ate seafood, and picked blueberries.  And ate blueberries…at every opportunity!

This is my old faithful scone recipe, you can find it here, but with fresh blueberries stirred in this time.  This is my most memorable scone to date…it was spread with fresh butter and maple butter, and stuffed with extra berries.  So here I am today, jet-lagged in stormy winter Perth, reliving my glorious holiday.    Hopefully I can go home for a visit again soon!

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6 Responses to summer memories…

  1. Bernice Lockyer says:

    Karen, We were very glad to see you and your lovely family.Dont wait so long to come home the next time. Love Aunt Bea xoxo

  2. Christine says:

    might just have to give that scone recipe a go – maple butter sounds gloriously indulgent!

  3. Kelyrin says:

    I’m happy that you spent such beautiful holidays ! This photo did something to me, i don’t quite know what, but… I feel it gives me the impression of a very cosy and warm atmosphere, full of good things and good people around you 🙂

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