a bento for jenny

There is no way to sugar coat it.  My dear friend is in the hospital, and she is dying.  One month ago she was excited and exhausted following the launch of her highly successful book, Secret Squirrel Business.  I thought it was just that she was run down, and needing some rest.  But this week she was told that not only does she have cancer, she doesn’t have much time.

It’s all been so sudden… I’m still dazed.  As usual, my method of integrating things is with practical action.  I’ve been trying to help in any way I can, to give her what small enjoyments I can.  Like bringing her tasty things so she doesn’t have to eat horrible hospital food.

Jenny is constantly amazing, in her courage, and in how much she is still giving to us all, of her love, concern, and spirit.  She is still painting in hospital, and wants to hold a final exhibition before the end.  She has been, and done and lived more, and faced more challenges than most of us will, enduring the loss of loved ones and her own journey through schizophrenia.

When I look at the paintings she is doing what I see is wild colour, movement and life, integration, energy, the joy of existing.  She is not defined by cancer any more than she was by schizophrenia.  This is the life legacy I gratefully receive from her.  Thank you Jenny, for everything, for your time, your encouragement, your heart, and for just being you.

Friends, I  probably won’t be posting again for a little while.  Bless you all.  Remember to spend some time with your loved ones today, if you can.

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10 Responses to a bento for jenny

  1. bentolily says:

    Hello to you –
    It’s so sad to hear such things reported, so horrible – those things I know… I really admire people who have a target then anymore (maybe goal is the better word?), who take the life in their hands and make the next step going. What great people they are! I think a little bento you’r bringing in there is a little normality and a little being distinctive from the horrible thoughts. Please continue doing so.

    • Burinsmith says:

      Thanks bentolily… when I spoke to her she said she really enjoyed it. Little things mean a lot to her. At least it’s doing something, right? Take care.

  2. A Table in the Sun says:

    I just lost a friend to cancer in May. You will see many references to it in my blog. Yes, treasure your loved ones every day. You never know when it could be the last.

  3. Carmel says:

    The love you share in your food will surely do her good! Just looking at it, she will feel better, let alone eating it. Bringing people food when they are sick is love in action!

  4. This is so sad to hear, Karen: positive thoughts to you and your friend; I think it is wonderful that you are there for your friend, supporting her and spending time with her. Your bento photo looks lovely; a labour of love. xx

    • Burinsmith says:

      It is sad, but I have to say her positive frame of mind is an inspiration. I think she’s doing better than most of us are in the situation, at least mentally! I’m just glad I know her and have the chance to spend some time now. Thanks for dropping by, it was lovely to hear from you! see you soon! X!

  5. Karen Drodge says:

    So sorry to hear this news Karen, I know how painful it is. I am sure she is very grateful for your love and support. it is truly the most important thing in the world to spend time with those you love, and treasure every moment.

    • Burinsmith says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for reading! She’s responding extremely well to chemo, so hopefully she will have more time than she thought. I hope so, because I’m going to be back in Canada for a long visit. It’s hard to leave when you don’t know what to expect.

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