bacon macaroni and cheese bento

Have you heard of spelt before?  It’s an older form of wheat that is much easier for some people (like me) to digest.  We are having organic spelt pasta a lot lately, because one of the markets near me was selling off their huge supply for one dollar a packet.   And it’s still got a year left on its use by date?  Anyway, their loss is my gain, I bought about twenty packs~!  Of course, now I’m thinking of all my favourite ways to use them up.  Last night we had mac and cheese spelt pasta with bacon, and there was plenty leftover for lunches.  For the veggies I steamed some green beans and decided to throw in a large mushroom as well.  What a surprise!  Mushroom is nice steamed?  It was news to me!  Add a little rice vinegar and olive oil, a few herbs from the garden, cherry tomatoes, for a tasty side salad.

The drink is homemade kefir, mixed with strawberry apple juice for a refreshing probiotic hit.  Last week a friend gave me kefir grains and I have been enjoying fresh kefir every day.  I love it!

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