beef roll bento

Update: This is the bento I submitted to my fave bento blog, Soul Soup Soap, and it won!  Thank you Babykins for running your 2ooth post giveaway, it was a thrill to take part!  Your bentos are an inspiration to me because they are truly a soulful expression of yourself, and of how the simple practical act of making someone’s lunch can be a gift from the heart.

My new magewappa arrived from Bento and Co last week, and finally I got a chance to use it yesterday.  Last night I had to go out for writing group in the evening, so I made a bento dinner.  Beef rolls (modelled after babykin’s pork ones, here) vegetables, and brown rice and umemboshi.  Also crusty mushrooms (I had to wash them off so dusted them with flour to “dry” them before frying in rice bran oil…turned out great!)


This new bento box is so lightweight, it’s like a feather!  And its surfaces are not sealed, it’s just natural cypress wood, so it has no unhealthy vibes at all.  It’s even supposed to keep food fresher, and impart a pleasant taste.  I just love this box.  It’s truly a work of art.

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2 Responses to beef roll bento

  1. babykins says:

    Beautiful bento and box!! Your mushrooms sound great! I love your bento style!

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