is your bento box really bpa free?

I just read a worrying article about BPA-free products which makes me wonder if some of my bento boxes are safe.  Have a look here if this issue concerns you as well.  The gist of it is that many manufacturers have started using other bisphenols other than bisphenol A, and they are just as dangerous.  I wondered how it was possible for plastics to leave out this ingredient and still seem exactly the same as before!   Here is a helpful article on Squidoo about the different types of plastics, and which ones are safest to use.  Polypropylene (marked <5> underneath the container) is the safest, as it is stable when warmed to a higher temperature.  Yesterday I ordered a magewappa, a traditionally made cypress bento box, so at least that will be food safe!  Looking forward to experiencing it first hand :)!

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