spaghetti plus soup bento

Sometimes I don’t feel like leftovers…it seems boring to have exactly the same thing all over again.  This time I decided to jazz the leftover vegetarian pasta by frying it in a little olive oil and adding some mini sausage slices.  I added in a few sliced baby zucchini from the market and a few cherry tomatoes too.
The soup was a quickie with market mushrooms (shitake and oyster) in a simple broth of instant dashi and soy sauce, with a few spring onions.At the market I started buying a “taster pack” of varieties of mushrooms; this time it was oyster, shitake, coral fungus and swiss brown.  Sometimes he has pink oyster mushrooms, they are the most delicate pink shell colour.  My favourite is the french horn, a huge mushroom with a thick stem.  Delicious fried in butter with a little garlic…mmmm!

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2 Responses to spaghetti plus soup bento

  1. Kelyrin says:

    Hello !! I’m happy to discover your blog from the Bento&Co Facebook page. Your bentos look very nice and yummy, and your new magewappa box is gorgeous ! I love the way you filled it ! These noodles are appetizing, hmmm, baby zucchini 😉 !!

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