cauliflower cheese bento

I made a list over the weekend of new things I want to try for lunches, and one of them was “casseroles”.  So I can tick one thing off my list already!  Last night at dinner we had cauliflower cheese as a side dish, so I made an extra mini one for today.  We also had steak, so the small piece that was left got added to some sauteed onion, ketchup, smokey bbq sauce, soy sauce and a dash of worcestershire to make a sticky sauce. The steak was thinly sliced and just heated through so it wouldn’t go tough.

Do you like my new background fabric?  I’m always inspired by the nice linens other bento blogs display, so on the weekend I went to Spotlight (a fabric/craft/homewares store) and bought some pieces of cotton quilting fabric.  What a great selection, and they were all on sale too! 🙂

They are so cheerful, they make me excited about making some furoshiki, and maybe a bento bag or two!

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6 Responses to cauliflower cheese bento

  1. babykins says:

    Lovely bento! Totally my type! I like to have casserole things in my bento. And I love all the cloths!

  2. Burinsmith says:

    Thank you babykins! Now I’ve tried a casserole I’m sure I’ll be doing more of it…anything that’s easy is right up my alley! 🙂

  3. Token says:

    lovely bento! Makes me hungry! 😀

  4. Kelyrin says:

    I was looking at your bento photos and thinking that your background fabrics were reaaaaaaally beautiful and cute ! Especially the ladybug one, i love it !!!!

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