a day of remembrance

Today is Anzac Day, Australia’s national day of remembrance.  On this day thousands of Australians attend dawn services, parades and memorial events.  Every year a large contingent travel to Europe, New Guinea, and Gallipoli, the Turkish coastline where so many Anzacs lost their lives in WW I, and where the tradition of Australian “mateship” had its beginning.   Usually I spend a quiet day at home.  Each year I think I will go to the dawn service at King’s Park, but so far I never have.  What can I say, thirty seconds of bagpipes and I’m a blubbering mess!  But I try to do some small commemoration each year.  In the past I have spent the morning listening to ABC national’s programs about the war, and observing the one minute of silence.  This year I decided to commemorate the occasion by making a batch of Anzac biscuits.

Anzac biscuits are made with coconut and oats, and can be either crisp or chewy.  During the war homemade anzacs were shipped off to soldiers in the field, a nutritious comfort from home.  They are an enduring symbol of solidarity, and still the quintessential morning/afternoon tea time biscuit.   This batch was on the chewy side, my preference for a biscuit.  I made a huge batch, so they will last for a while (maybe!)  Here is the recipe I followed.

The other Anzac Day tradition I usually follow is to change out our blankets for winter duvets.  The nights are getting colder and a couple of blankets aren’t quite enough now.  So I guess today we are having a particularly cosy day :).

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2 Responses to a day of remembrance

  1. Tracey says:

    Yummy recipe for such a sad day. Making them this morning but alas becaus
    e I’m old and fat, the rest of the household will eat them….

    • Burinsmith says:

      ha ha, you and me both :). I just tried to fob off a tin of them on my husband to take to work but he wouldn’t!! Hopefully the kids will eat them all before I do!

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