sesame grilled chicken bento

I’m experimenting with having the photos smaller.  What do you think?   Maybe this is a little bit too small…I’m not sure!  Anyway, this is lunch today.  We had little friends visiting so I stopped at the butcher and picked up some free range chicken breast for a quick barbecue.
The marinade was simple, a big glug or two of soy sauce, one glug of chilli sauce, one of sesame oil, a big spoon of honey, a little salt, and sesame seeds.  The soup was easy too, just a sprinkle of instant dashi in the bowl with scallions and a drop of soy.
Did you notice the chili sauce and mayonnaise next to the chicken?  I’m addicted to Korean gochujang (chili sauce) now.  I can’t get enough! 🙂

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5 Responses to sesame grilled chicken bento

  1. bentolily says:

    For my opinion it’s much better than the bigger pictures before. If anybody likes to see more details he can zoom in. On my blog I use a size of 500 px (longer side) but I mean your new size is fine. You have the text floating around what I like.
    Best wishes from cold grey Germany!

    • Burinsmith says:

      thank you bentolily! i use a laptop, so for me it’s hard to see the whole picture at once in full size. i was wondering if maybe i should customise like you…i’ll check out your site for ideas!
      keep warm :)! i love germany, especially the food!
      best wishes

      • bentolily says:

        I save every picture to 1024 px (long side) on my computer. I try only to use portrait orientation as it fits better on a monitor. These pics I use for upload. I define the smaller preview size (500 px) when embedding the pic into the article. That’s it.

  2. Burinsmith says:

    ok, thanks for the advice! your blog looks great 🙂

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