korean noodle salad and iced tea

I love Korean food!  Recently we found a great restaurant and I’ve been making bibimbap (excellent recipe here) and other Korean dishes  ever since.  There are a few simple methods to learn, and after that it’s possible improvise madly.  One of my favourites is cold noodles…perfectly applicable for a bento.  In this photo, a bed of ramen noodles with leftover spicy grilled chicken, and a layer on top of shredded vegetables, topped with sesame seeds.  In the little cup, some Korean chili sauce, gochujang.  
But I have to say, even though I loved this lunch, the star of it was the homemade iced green tea!  I love the Lipton one, and buy it occasionally.  But this homemade one is so easy to make, only takes a few minutes, and tastes even better!  I used a couple of jasmine green tea bags, added a cup of boiling water, let it steep for a few minutes with a big spoon of raw sugar, then pull out he bags and add iced water to cool it.  The flavour was so fresh!  Perfect for these hot days.

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