spelt pasta salad bentos

A friend forwarded me a post for this, an exhibition of master paintings interpreted as sandwiches.  How cool is that?  I admire the work of so many bento artists who recreate anime and cartoon figures, or even paintings, as lunches!  Almost too cute to eat sometimes.  At our place we’re a lot more homespun.  Like today, young son wanted to make the bento lunches.  Lucky the cooking was all done, so it didn’t take him too long to make these…We had leftover spelt pasta salad from the night before, and grilled chicken (read on for the simple recipe at the end!)My one was slightly different (note the greater quantity of vegetables!)  Also I like a little barbecue sauce and mayonnaise with the chicken.Older son had pretty much the same, but little brother managed to squeeze in a piece of leftover birthday cake from yesterday.

What fun doing a bento together, he was so enthusiastic, and quick.  We got the job done in no time.  Maybe he’ll want to do this more often now, who knows?

About the chicken recipe, I just discovered something very quick and easy that has given a new flavour burst to our barbecue.  I use a teaspoon (or more if you don’t mind heat) of Malaysian curry powder, with a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of salt, and rub it into the chicken thighs before barbecuing.  Simple, but delicious!

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