couscous salad bento

Older son and I have started driving up into the hills (to KSP Writer’s Centre, in Greenmount) so he can go to a home-learners writing group.  So Thursdays are quite busy now.  We have to get out by nine (not used to having a hurried morning anymore!) and bring a packed lunch.  This week I brought couscous salad, grilled chicken, vegetables, and some nut bites and fruit for a snack.Couscous is so easy.  If you haven’t ever tried it, please do!  Simply bring 1 3/4 cups water to boil, add a little salt, throw in a cup of couscous, turn off the heat, give a quick stir, and cover for 15 minutes.  After that, fluff with a fork, cover with a towel or piece of paper towel (to absorb steam and keep it from getting soggy) and leave until ready to use.  Toss with whatever vegetables and extras you have (I used sauteed carrot and onion, dried cranberries, cashews, parsley and cucumber) and add dressing, if you like to.  For dressing ideas, check out my dressings primer, here.

My son doesn’t like couscous much, so he opted for a chicken wrap.  It was pretty easy, since it was the same ingredients as one half of my box, on a wrap :).

I wonder what I will make for lunch this Thursday?

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