another geisha bento

What the hey?!  My kids are blogging more than me!!  I’d better hurry and catch up!  The school term is in full swing and today we did T and E (technology and enterprise) which basically entailed me showing the kids some digital photograph skills, including editing, and how to set up a blog and email account.  We got so much done!  It certainly seems to work best if they can let their interests lead the way.  Anyway, this is a little old bento from a little while back that I still didn’t get a chance to post.
Now that I’m not as hungry anymore (thanks to Paul McKenna) this tiny little bento box is an ideal size for lunch.  It was leftover blackbean rice with “sprinkle”, and barbecued chicken bites, plus a little bowl of nori-soy soup.  The black bean rice was an adaptation of Maki’s recipe for soybean rice, here.  Basically cooked seasoned blackbeans added to rice before cooking.  I loved it…the beans had the lovely dry taste, not at all mushy.  Great leftover, and would make great rice/bean burgers, if there was enough leftover!  Happy day, guys!

PS If you’re into bionicles or hero factory you  might like to check out these (thanks, my kids will love getting some hits 🙂

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2 Responses to another geisha bento

  1. PepperBento says:

    Looks divine!
    The soup looks really delish!

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