teeny tiny summery salad

Today is a refreshingly cool summer day, only in the twenties degrees, and I’m in heaven!  But for the past couple of weeks or so it has been extremely hot and humid…and not a lot of fun for cooking or doing anything at all other than sitting down and drinking iced water!!  While it was at its hottest I had a very low appetite. One day as I was wondering what on earth to make for lunch I remembered another style of salad I haven’t made in a long time, from my macrobiotic days of long ago:At the time we were living in the UK and I was studying part-time in London, while doing occasional cooking courses at what used to be known as the East West Centre.  Bob taught us this very simple dish, “boiled salad”, which sounds awful but was not, at all!  Basically using a few different vegetables on hand, at any time you can turn out a delicately flavoured, refreshing salad in just a few minutes.

Put a small pot with an inch of lightly salted water in it on to boil before slicing the vegetables.  Prepare two or three vegetables of contrasting colour, (and for macro cooking, think about contrasting energtics…some underground veg, some above ground, about sums it up).  When the water is boiling add one vegetable at a time, cover and time it religiously…30 seconds only.  Remove vegetables with a slotted spoon and place in a dish as you finish the others.  Serve at room temperature, with a light asian style dressing.  See my post on dressings for more info on that, or do as I did and make this spiffy Plum Dressing.  As a base I used a spiced plum sauce I made at christmas time to go with our turkey.  You could use any good quality commercial plum sauce as a substitute.  Mix a good spoonful of plum sauce with an equal quantity of rice vinegar and half spoonful of dark sesame oil.  Taste for seasoning, and add salt if needed.
I’m so glad I remembered that jar of plum sauce, the subtle undertone of cinnamon, cloves and anise stars gives a layer of bright complexity.  Now I’m wondering what to do with it next.  Maybe a sauce for spring rolls?

Finally, I did say in a previous post I would explain why I’m so crazy about salads at the moment.  Well, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it’s…HYPNOSIS!  Yes, you read that, here!  I confess!  I’ve been doing Paul McKenna‘s “I Can Make You Thin” program.  Incidentally, I’m shocked by how easy it is…not a diet, more like permission to enjoy food to the full and eat whenever your hungry.  As it turns out, when I eat whatever I want, it’s almost always something healthy!  Who’da thunk it??!  Anyway, each day I listen to the hypnosis cd (all positive uplifting stuff about enjoying life to the full) and I SWEAR it has made food taste so much better I can hardly believe it!  Yup.  I have been hypnotised to love salads.  Absolutely one hundred percent true.

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