salad lunch for two

This week a friend of mine dropped by for lunch and a long-overdue chat.  I was busy in the morning doing some art-supplies shopping so I didn’t have time to cook anything in advance.  While she told me about her tango adventures I put together a quick salad plate, with those heirloom tomatoes from the garden(down to the last few now!) and feta, with oil, vinegar and mint.  I made a quick smoked tuna dip by just draining it, and mixing in some mayo and spring onion.  Luckily the art store I went to was near Tammy’s, a local bakery that sells good sourdough, so I had picked up some multigrain rolls and rye and walnut bread, which we had with some oat and flax crackers I wanted to try.  My friend commented that I seemed to whip up lunch so easily, but to me it was not a big deal.  It’s easy to put something together with things you have on hand, using equipment that is right to hand.  I got thinking about this again today when I read one of my favourite sites, JustHungry, by Maki.  She has a link to a Japanese clip of a “super-efficient kitchen.”  I find this so inspiring, it makes me want to go to my own kitchen and streamline things more, to get rid of junk I don’t use, and make this new kitchen more suited to my own way of doing things.  In our old house we had a kitchen of my own design, with dedicated work areas, and a lot of storage.  Here I have a different shape of kitchen that functions very differently.  I’d really like to make it better, then I will be able to cook without the awkwardness and mess that comes from disorganisation!  Time to reorganise the pantry again…

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