sunny salad bento

It’s mid-summer here in Perth, and often extremely hot.  All I feel like eating is salad!  Which is strange for me.  I’ve never been that crazy about salads.  I mean, I’ve liked but not CRAVED them.  This bento is some leftover brown rice with smoked tuna and spring onions mixed in, and a salad with what I had on hand.  And the little mouse guy is made with heirloom tomatoes from my tiny back garden.  The mint and mizuna flowers are also from the garden.  I have so many ideas for salads at the moment, and started making my own dressings again.  So easy it’s embarrassing to call it a “recipe.”  My favourite at the moment is simply balsamic with olive oil, sea salt, and a spoon of runny honey.  I reuse the store-bought dressing bottle.  Just whack it all in and shake.  Why haven’t I been doing this all along?  It’s so easy!  My next post will be about salad dressing…as you can tell, I’m really getting into this salad thing.  Also next time I will reveal WHY.

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1 Response to sunny salad bento

  1. Louis E. Stanley says:

    Will be waiting for the dressing ideas

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