can you tell i like vegetables?

Well, at last I made a fishy bento in my fish bento box. I had some leftover salmon, which was nice mixed through some warm rice, with finely shredded spring onion on top.  With it a selection of the veg I had on hand, steamed beans and broccoli, a little salad with sweetcorn, and some odd looking tomatoes.  Does the yellow one remind you of the movie Aliens?  Looks like a face hugger could shoot out of it at any moment!

This bento box reminds me of a black moor gold fish I owned briefly as a kid.  It died in next to no time, breaking my heart.  It was the most beautiful thing, with its shimmering transparent tail and poppy eyes.  Yes, I agree, I have a strange idea of beauty!  Anyway, the other day I went to a water lily farm way out in Baskerville.  They also sell many types of goldfish for ponds.  The woman at the store mentioned goldfish are quite sensitive to many things, changes of temperature, water etc. and that black moors are the most sensitive of all.  So maybe it wasn’t my fault my little fish died.  After all these years I can be at peace :)!  Enjoy your weekend!

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