a mixed-up bento

This seems like a strange combination, doesn’t it? Somehow, with bento it doesn’t seem to matter, any combination seems to work as long as there is a variety of flavours, textures and colours. At least, that’s how it is for me! Here there is nanban chicken (again!), an omelette with tomato and asparagus, a caesar salad (with separate packet of croutons and mini-tub of dressing), broccoli, blush carrots, and pear slices. I liked putting the salad together just before eating so it didn’t get limp and soggy. On that note, lately I have started packing lunch rolls for my husband, and I usually pack the ingredients separately in another divided container so the bread doesn’t get soggy. I should photograph and post one – so far I haven’t because I’m in such a hurry in the mornings!

This plain divided lunch box gets a lot of use, it’s so easy to keep things contained in the little compartments, or even to leave half of them out. It’s definitely my most practical lunchbox.

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