nanban chicken bento

I love this new Hakoya bento set, one of my recent purchases from earlier in the year. I think this is my first post using it, but I may be wrong…when I’m writing a lot I find it hard to keep track of the daily details. Anyway, this is a bento I made for small son…he still really likes anything with a cute element.

I’m still a total noob with kawaii bento, as you can see! The fish tail is a bit wonky. But it was well enjoyed, so that’s the main thing!

With the rice, leftover nanban chicken. After making this lunch I was thinking ‘hmmm, would have been cuter if I’d used fish instead of chicken,’ but hey, chicken was what I had on hand! You can find a recipe for Nanban chicken here. It’s chicken that is lightly marinated, dusted in cornstarch and fried, then dressed with a soy/sugar/vinegar sauce. It’s best hot because it still has a little crispness, but I love it hot or cold and so do the kids. It’s a nice change from teriyaki. Thanks again Maki, for a recipe we use often!

Of course you can see for yourself the other items are good old broccoli, yellow carrots and cut up oranges. I wonder if I will have time to make a bento today?

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