chicken salad bento

Last night I made baked chicken breasts for dinner, and there was one extra leftover for lunch today.  I had a craving for chicken salad, and threw one together with chicken, radishes, spring onions, coriander and chopped celery.  To have with it, wholemeal flatbread, and some vegetables.  I was sick last weekend so I didn’t get to the market (wah!) and had to content myself with store-bought vegetables.  At least the tomatoes were cute!  This is a new cheapie lunchbox I found at Coles, I like it because it’s divided.  I have ideas for hub’s lunches with it.  It’ll happen someday, I’m sure.  For dessert I opened some black rice congee I had in the cupboard.  MMM!  Love it, especially with coconut cream and golden kiwi.

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