pizza bentos in the park

When I did a little grocery shopping at IGA the other day I ended up buying more things than I usually do.  And they gave me this super bright cool bag, for free!  How nice of them!  It must be a spring promotion.  When we went to the library at South Perth on Monday we brought a picnic lunch in it.  It was just the right size for three of our new lunchboxes and three bottles of orange juice.  It wasn’t anything exciting, just leftover pizza and some veggies with homemade miso dressing I already had in the fridge.  We went to the Civic Centre Park and sat on ‘Bambi’s Bench,’ just like we used to.  A magpie came and stood right in front of us on the grass, harrassing for crumbs.  At least he wasn’t dive-bombing us like they usually do in spring!  I’m glad the weather is warming up again.   Even in Perth, where there is no violent difference in the seasons, spring is my favourite time of year.

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