p-p-p-p-pingu bento!

We went down to the park for lunch and a photography lesson yesterday, and we used our new thermal bento stack.  I got this one at a store called Ecosway…I think it’s a Chinese store.  They don’t have much that I like, but this is a rare example of a thermo bento in bento-deprived Perth!  So of course I picked it up…it’s just right for the two boys and I for lunch out.  Ronie really wanted a character bento this time, so I thought I’d try my hand at something.  It didn’t turn out as fantastic as I’d hoped, but I learned several things from my mistakes, so I hope for better next time!  He wanted a penguin one, so I got online looking for an image to work from and immediately hit pingu, who the boys both loved as tots.  It was easy to cut him out from a piece of nori folded in half.I love the food picks, they look like they’re laughing at my clumsy noob efforts at charaben!  I learned to flatten the rice more next time, and to let it cool more.  I think that will stop it from shrivelling quite so much!  And maybe allow a little more for shrinkage.  But comparatively, I was happy enough with it…you can’t learn without being a noob first!   With the rice, homemade chicken “nuggets,” pepper and carrot, and edamame skewers.
It was a perfect day at the park in any case.  The boys enjoyed using their cameras and took mostly pictures of this slender puppy.  You can see she has some weight to regain…she needs food, food, food!



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