hospital survival bento

The last couple of days I’ve been at the hospital a lot with my sick puppy, Cosette.  She was spayed on Tuesday and became very ill afterwards.  After a day at home she was re-admitted to hospital and put on a drip.  Poor thing, she couldn’t eat or drink and was so miserable so Scot came home and stayed with the boys while I spent most of yesterday going back and forth to the hospital.  Snatching bites of food here and there while under stress isn’t the best thing.  I cheered myself up with some fruit to take along.  The best news is today she’s turned the corner and stopped being sick, she is up and around, her usual perky self!  Here she is in the hospital room, she still has her iv drip in (that’s the pink bandage with love hearts on it) but she is back to being her old playful self! My deepest thanks to our vet Andrew Buchanan, and all the staff at Millpoint Vet Centre for all their kindness and support, and the most professional care.  They didn’t mind me being underfoot in there, and asking questions, and always took the time to discuss what was going on at length.  I couldn’t be happier with the level of care.  So tonight she’s coming home, at six o’clock!  I had to get her a new food bowl so she can eat up high…maybe I’ll do a doggie dinner post sometime :)!

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